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About the Author

Most people would look at James Roberts and see an accomplished author and successful businessman. However, he is far from perfect. Not only did James drop out of high school, but he also stumbled into deep depression early in his adolescent life. Although he had been an all-star athlete, he was far from happy. He ended up making regrettable choices in order to feel a sense of belonging and worth, especially following his parents’ separation. Through it all, James knew that one day he was going to share his ‘misery’ with the world.

James wanted to prove that you don’t need to be a college scholar or a perfect writer to put your heart on paper. (Just hire a good editor). He writes from the heart even when it is hurting the most. James’ experiences have inspired him to tell his story in order to reach young readers suffering from insecurity, sadness, and addiction. He hopes that one day a stranger will walk by, pick up his books, and understand and relate to how he felt through his words.

James published his first book at the age of 30. He continues to write as an emerging author, hoping the world can comprehend his pain. He tries to make up from past mistakes by being the best son, brother, and person he can be to those around him. Maybe, in time, people will understand him, but until then, “Fuck it.”

“Don’t judge me based on my past errors, judge me based on my growth from them.”

-James Roberts

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