Enjoy My Misery had started as a personal endeavor. However, as time went on and my life progressed, it became so much more. I realized that basically everyone with a heartbeat struggled with similar issues. Life is not perfect, I recognized, but we need to embrace change and find the silver lining in our situations. We need to become better people and learn from our mistakes. I was fortunate enough to learn and grow from my faults and now want to encourage readers to do the same. We all face a personal battle, no matter who we are.

My inspiration for this series came from the changes in my life throughout the years. I had so much hate in my heart directed toward my close friends, my family, and even myself. Through my struggles, I learned how to take that pain and turn it into ambition. My self-discovery grew to the point in which I felt the need to let it out and write Enjoy My Misery. I hope that readers will analyze their own lives and realize that bad things happen if you let them, but we always have the power to change them. Ambition will eventually outweigh Misery.

Enjoy My Misery is a depiction of a person’s life falling to pieces as they deal with diseases of the heart, mind, and soul. However, as bad as life gets for James in Enjoy My Misery, his struggle is far from the worst. The world is filled with people enduring atrocities and pain, and I am hoping that my writing will encourage people both young and old to write about their battles. The only way I could get through it all and move on with life was to write. Things don’t get better overnight, but with persistence and drive you have the ability to change your reality. I hope you “enjoy my misery,” but learn from it as well. If we learn from our mistakes, then our struggles can become significant as the inspiration we needed to change and grow stronger.

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