Quick paced and concise…


By Kirkus Reviews

Quick paced and concise (“Very addicting; I usually couldn’t move from the relaxation,” James says of his experience with Percocet), the story mainly focuses on James and his many misadventures with drugs and the police. While his transition from regular kid to public menace is certainly swift, it is nevertheless believable. Much of James’ introspection leans toward the obvious (in the throes of his drug use, he wonders, “Why was I such a depressed young man—will this feeling ever go away?”). But he remains as real as any like-minded troubled youth in any American town. Absent any moralizing, Roberts’ tale leaves readers to draw their own conclusions about the unfortunate turns a life can take and the willingness (or lack thereof) individuals have to overcome them. Readers who see in James a familiar face are likely to find themselves following his story to its conclusion.

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Anyone who reads this novel will be impressed by the courage that pours out of every word.


By Serious Reading

James and Maria dominate on the pages of this novel and their complicated strained mother-son relationship is what gives this novel life. The book is a tale of hardened resolve, depression, drug use, divorce and death. It explains a dual perspective of the series of unfortunate events, which test the love family members have for each other when they think everything is lost. Readers will be greatly affected by the pain that the author must have felt during his life and then again, when he was writing this amazing novel while hiding behind fictional characters. Anyone who reads this novel will be impressed by the courage that pours out of every word. This is a tale of endurance and the terrible fate of hiding behind a mask so that the world considers you “normal”, while you are secretly dying inside, praying for someone to rescue you.

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This book is a book that you will want to read until you are finished with it! Looking forward to the next one!


By American Woman

This book was a fascinating in-depth glimpse into another human being’s mind. James Roberts has a gift for storytelling that keeps you turning the pages til you are finished. I also enjoyed it because I grew up in Massachusetts and experienced some of the same things his main character in his semi-autobiographic book, such as coming from a broken family and the vices mentioned. It’s interesting to see how others cope with these challenges. I understand Mr. Roberts will be writing sequels to this book. I hope he will take a cue from Tony Robbins, the phenomenal motivational speaker and writer, who also came from a challenging situation in his home life while growing up, and I hope he will write stories that are uplifting and inspirational with, of course, the same authenticity as “Enjoy My Misery”. Perhaps one of his next titles will be “Enjoy My Enlightenment” or something along those lines! Bravo to Mr. Roberts for writing such a poignant book and looking forward to his upcoming books, and maybe films!

Enjoy My Misery


By Trina

I actually thought the story was well written considering the pain he must of endured having to open old wounds. It made me really question a lot of things. #1- judging others. #2- my role as a parent. #3-why the hell did no one notice this kid was dying inside ( school personnel) they sure noticed him when he was their star athlete!! This story has opened my eyes on many things. I’m so glad I read it and can’t wait for the next book to be released

A great book. A real love story.


By Paula Navarro

I couldn’t put the book down. This book is real and written from the heart. Nothing is sugar coated. The most touching parts for me was the love this young man has for his mother. It is a story of a mother’s love for her sons. I am anxiously awaiting volume 2. Also the book would be great as a movie. I hope James finds a good agent.

A great read, a brave and honest story of how…


By Amazon Customer

A great read, a brave and honest story of how a family can have so many up’s and down’s. How easy it is to slip up and follow a darker path due to circumstances so many families can relate to in one way or another. refreshing to have someone write about their situations in a real tone, rather then sugar coating, and fabricating. I am really looking forward to the sequel , the end of this well told story leaves you hanging, just waiting to make sure everything comes together for each character as time moves forward , read the book, you will not be disappointed…

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